Happy New Year to all of my family, friends, foes, and followers! My Theme for this Year is #Execution2014 If you’ve been hating me thus far, then you might want to unfollow now. Eyes hath no seen, no ears heard, nor entered into the heart of man…. the GREAT things in store. Exceedingly abundantly above all We could ever ask or think He has Plans to Prosper me and not to Harm plans to give me a hope and a future…. He has begun a good work In me…. and likewise must I Execute and Fulfill the purpose n calling God has placed on my life. #LiveACEO #NoFatFormedAgainstMeShallProsper #Execution2014 #OwnIt You’re welcome to Join but be ready to join.


Ate too much? No problem…. THE #InShape4Life Challenge Begins Monday! Join me and others as we committ to getting In the BEST SHAPE OF OUR LIVES, FOR THE REST OF OUR LIVES. #LiveACEO #GetFit4Life #NoFatFormedAgainstMeShallProsper FOR INFO CLICK LINK N BIO!!!!!!


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Had to steal this from @mrtraywick ooooh God always trying to show me His plans are greater than my plans. And yet I’m always trying to do otherwise. Jeremiah 29:11. #obedience #faith #LiveACEO


"A Commitment to SOMETHING EVERYDAY, is a lot better than Planning to Commit EVERYTHING Someday. Fact is… SOMEday may never come. START NOW #InShape4Life #LiveACEO"

- Trent J ACEO

How I make breakfast in 15 seconds. 40g of protein 6g of fiber 13g of carbs 311g of potassium…. and vitmains for the day. What r U eating for breakfast? Join me #InShape4Life #GetFit4Life


Greetings All,


 This month’s (Words of Wisdom) WOW comes with a different spin to a very common or cliché quote:

Most of us have heard the statement: “If at first you don’t succeed, try, try again” (Home Simpson says: You tried your best and you failed miserably, lesson is… never try) :)


Regardless which one of these that you’ve heard in either all seriousness, or as a joke my time with you all this month will be from a different less popular quote:


"If at first, you DO Succeed…. Try Something Harder." - John C. Maxwell  (from the novel Failing Forward )



Many times we set goals that we KNOW that we can accomplish, often we only take roles that we know that we can ace. However, the greatest successes or rewards in our lives and careers come from those times when we step into the unknown, rely on what we’ve learned, and move full speed ahead.


* Being Busy Does Not Equal Productive or Progressive

  I find this very common amongst many of my family, friends, and colleagues to be busy all day long, and seemingly accomplishing nothing day to day. Or the tasks are so mundane that completion or accomplishments are more so expected than rewarded. Just because your calendar is booked, and you are always busy working does not always mean your efforts are being applied towards a stretch goal. If it’s easy, chances are it’s not. If you’re not struggling, chances are you need to shoot higher.


* To Fail Does Not Mean You’re A Failure

As oxymoronic as this sounds, simply because you make a mistake does not mean you are a failure. Mistakes and failures are what teach us some of our greatest lessons. When you have to go through the process of Damage Control from a mistake, you tend to learn from these mistakes much quicker, and with a more significant impact. Not being afraid to learn from your own mishaps takes a bit of courage, but mitigating that risk is a sign of readiness for the next level.


* There Are NO Shortcuts to Greatness

No matter how witty you are, no matter what degrees you may have, no matter the depth of experiences you can boast of there are simply no shortcuts to becoming great. In order to become the greatest success, you must overcome the greatest obstacles. Position yourself to encounter challenges that you plan, and embrace opportunities to overcome unplanned ones. Fastest way to get to the top of a mountain is climb it dead on, otherwise you’ll find yourself walking in circles for ages hoping you get there one day.


If at first you do succeed, try something else the theme for this Month’s WOW Message. Making sure that we’re consistently living on the edge of what we THINK are our boundaries. Impress yourself with a bit of a challenge, I guarantee you can handle more than you think. If you always do what you’ve always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always had.


Thanks for reading. 

With Passion, Purpose, & Pride, 

Trent J ACEO